Fat titties, or tits that are able to perfectly fit in your mouth.
That bitch got the nicest set of Fitties I ever done saw.
by Freddifuckup December 27, 2014
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someone who is bisexual.
someone who likes both genders.
someone who likes 50% girls and 50% boys.. hence the name fitty.

a really really popular bisexual.
"Check out Fitty, mackin on both the girls and boys!"

"Hey Fitty! Your fucking awesome!"
by lblock August 10, 2006
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Fitty is a language that kids between the ages 10-14 use to speak in a funny way! It means friend, or someone's name.
Hi Fitty, Don't be a juty
by SlowpokeBrodie November 07, 2015
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A word to describe the deception that is a fat women’s breast; Fat Titties.
Man, you may think that girl has some big tits, but that bitch had some fucking fitties.
by Papa Dub September 22, 2017
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