When you are so bad, not even dog water or rice water can express it
Omg I boxed that guy, he’s so frickin fish water
by cryo-kun April 26, 2021
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Water that fish’s fuck in. Fish water, don’t drink it fishes shit in it.
by Ramin99 September 22, 2018
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the natrual act a female demonstrates when placed in a sexual situation where she is expected to perform
I got her in the car after a few shots of vodka and she went down on me like a fish to water.
by Laff January 8, 2004
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An extremely uncoordinated, clumsy, stupid, feeble, lout of a human being. It’s usual used too describe a persons utter lack of athletic ability and skill.
Cm Punk looks like a fish without water in the octagon
by chucky lavinder December 24, 2018
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Being unfamiliar with one's surroundings/activities thus often being vulnerable in such circumstances.

Commonly used to describe a change in surroundings by phrases such as 'going fish out of water' or 'to go fish out of water.'

In this sense, the meaning is similar to the term 'Slippin' meaning to leave one's usual abode/habitat to enter next manz endz.

Brare 1: Yo blud come we roll down (enter endz of choice here), still.

Brare 2: Rah!!! Allow goin' Fish out of Water down dere blud, manz gonna get merked ugetme?!

Brare 1: Oh yes, I suppose you're right old bean. Silly me.
by Braredem July 27, 2010
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Still a fish in water means that you feeling like you blend into the crowd to much and you want to stand out more.
In my giant middle school I don't stand out at all I'm still a fish in the water.
by Zoe B. July 8, 2017
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One who leaves the pool during a game of Marco Polo. Depending on the rules you use, that person instantly becomes "It" once they're caught.
I was playing Marco Polo the other day, and Dave got out of the pool trying to trick me. Boy, I sure caught him though, I called "Fish Out of Water!" and he became It.
by OliviaAnn March 26, 2007
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