Game played by stoners in which the first person to say Polo after the person with the blunt (other forms of smoking) says Marco gets said blunt
Marco Polo: American form of tag played in a swimming pool

Person With Bud: Marco!

Everyone Else In The Room: Polo!

Person With Bud: Kyle said it first

Person With Bud: *Passes Blunt to Kyle*
by Trev.Lowlife August 9, 2018
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A game usually played in swimming pools, one person is it and they try to tag other people, they can only say "Marco" or "fish out of water" (when the other people are out of the pool, if they get caught they are it), and when they say "marco" the other people that are not it have to say 'polo'. Really fun.
I was playing Marco Polo in someone's weird pool and i accidentally rammed my hand into one of those step things on the sides.
by Buttfucked September 22, 2003
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Game where when a guy sees a chick he thinks is hot he calls marco, if the rest of the guys with him agree they will call polo
Guy 1: Marco!
Guys 2-5: Polo!
Guy 1: Yo JJ this game is fucking awesome! Thanks for introducing us to the REAL marco polo
by Senior Suave August 26, 2009
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Person with the bong says Marco. First person to say Polo gets the next hit.
Bong holder: MARCO
Someone sober: POLO, yess thank you pass the lighter too
How did he get the bong? He said Marco polo first
by Ms.Independent April 16, 2015
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A person of European extraction who is sexually attracted to persons of East-Asian extraction, often to the exclusion of members of other racial/ethnic groups.

A person possesing what is often refered to as an "Asian-fetish"

Hip Observer A: Are you aware that Mr. Ben Whitey is now pursuing relations with the new Chinese exchange student.

Hip Observer B: Verily, said gentleman is quite the "Marco Polo."

Hip Observer A: Yes, quite.
by Rick Santorum August 11, 2006
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Its when your swag is way above everyone esles. Basically you cant touch somebody cause their swag is ridicoulous.
Marco Polo

"New jeans shop(check)
Yellow Lamborgini( bow)
bbc shirt with a fresh pair of jeans (wow)
black card spending when i hit the mall
you cant catch me.
Im so ahead of yall (it's)
Marco Polo"
by Ms Bri August 7, 2008
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