calums are usually a very sexy guy with a giant penis. usually fowl mouthed but lovely inside any woman lucky enough to have one is the luckiest person alive. he will make any woman feel like a queen. he has a great sense of humour and is very talented. he is also tall and handsome. so if you see a calum be sure to ask him out.
calum is amazing
by bigman18482592 June 19, 2019
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Someone who loves a good thrust at any time of the day, just watch out if they get too close
That calum thrusts luke a machine there is no stopping him
by fan123 January 4, 2010
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calum is a cunt
by gayer boy 69 70 September 7, 2018
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(n) Someone who cannot get over themselves.
(v) to fumble
"Don't be such a calum."
"Wow, he really calumed that up!"
by Beedo Beedo Beedo October 28, 2013
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mi beautifull sexc buff boom ting
es changd ma life round we dnt gt as much time as we wnt 2 alone tho so evrytime we do its special
bredrin1''yo i hear she still all luvd up wit cal''
bredrin2'' yup nd es da same''
by ?? May 22, 2004
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hot snazzy fit lovely fxcking ace wonderful A person with a lovely character, a huge heart, and a very large number of friends. He is very talented and is loved by all. He is very good at acting and is well wicked yo. ;
1. Yo, you see that Calum, I well love him
2. He's a total Calum. He's perfect.
3. That guys so good at drama, almost as good as Calum..NAAHH
by Alicia Burnett May 20, 2008
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A really laid back character. Tend to be the most loyal guys around, and despise cheating. Very big-hearted. Very loyal aswell, relationship or friendship you can always trust these to stick with you to the very end no matter what happens. Tends to watch girls go and never see them come. (Basically a figure of speech representing the fact they never see girls wanting them and only ever sees them walking away from them). Really easy to get along with and funny. Whilst they may not be the attractive they will always be the best in a relationship. Extremely shy and attempts to avoid public speaking in big groups.
by Dianakapa October 23, 2013
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