You saw that it told you to look up "your first name" so you did now there can be 2 ways you got here

you're being a smartass
you're blonde
*on urban dictionary*

*see "look up any word like your first name"*

(at this moment in your mind you think, i'm gonna be a smartass/blonde and actually search it like that)
by ChickenSausage June 23, 2011
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Your first name is a trend on UD that often follows a certain pattern. Upon searching your first name you often find that the first couple definitions are an obvious ploy by every single person of that name with an ego. It may take some searching but you will usually find the true definition, mainly having something to do with a sexual reference.
Mike: Go search your first name on UD
Jeff: OK

1. Jeff is a super awesome sexy guy

2. A Jeff is a Broken Penis caused by walking, slamming or, running into something or someone.
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What stupid people or people trying to be funny look up because Urban Dictionary tells them to.
Idiot: *reads "look up anything, like your first name"* Hmmm well I have nothing else to do so I'm going to literally search up "your first name".
by ~The Wizard~ January 6, 2013
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Wow, funny, never heard that one before....
except that it's underlined right above the search box.

And for the record, Urban Dictionary is officially declaring you DTM- aka Dead To Me. Which means you are kicked out of any upcoming parties and excluded from any inside jokes henceforth.

Nice going, smart ass.
Person- Hey, I know something totally hilarious that no one would have ever thought of before! I should totally make an ass of myself and just use the literal form of the suggestion above the search box.

*types in "your first name"*

Urban Dictionary- gtfo
by VA to IL June 22, 2011
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Urbandictionary told you to look this up. So now you have. Why? You're a smartass. Or a blond/blonde. Either way, this is a total waste of your time and you've just lost about 4 minutes of your life from this useless piece of crap.
look up anything like your first name
by one smartass blonde June 10, 2012
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