A Jeff is the best type of person. She is caring, Loving, Sweet, Smart, and Beautiful. She can either light up your day or darken it with one sentence. Has a massive influence of the people around her. She a straight savage
A Jeff is a beautiful person.
by T Jeff February 05, 2018
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Jeff Jeff, only one in the world that should have his name said twice. Treats woman with respect and does whatever he can for people he cares about. Pretty much the nicest,sweetest guy you will ever meet (but probably wont sleep with) Super Strong, Bad ass (when he needs to be) Jeff Jeff's are all around Awesome. They can usually be seen surrounded by groups of woman but don't think he is a player, all of those woman treat him like a chick just cause he likes Sailormoon and Jane Austen. But if they ever gave him the time or day he would show them what a Real Man is Like (in and out of the bedroom) he is what woman say they want in a man everything rolled up in to one Sexy Beast of a Mighty Man.
Shit..I wish my boyfriend was more like Jeff Jeff

If Chuck Norris and Bruce Campbell and a Mother Fucking T-Rex had a Kid... That kid would be Jeff Jeff.

(Some Hot Chick) Man...I'm so Drunk I should try to screw around with Jeff Jeff.. oh wait, he has Morals he wouldn't take advantage of me..Damn.
by lildarkone February 07, 2010
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Jeff is a state of being. Not simply just a name; A state of existence higher than nirvana.
by My.name.jeff January 18, 2017
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Perfectest human on the entire planet. Best boyfriend of all time. Funniest person of all time. His girlfriend loves him infinitely times more than he loves her no matter what. Amazing human being, super nice, kind, and very patient (jeez how is he so patient idek) he is too perfect to be put into words so here is gibberish uybfslidfhbsldfihbdflihsbflsdhfvsDLifhvbsdflhSDBflsdhfvSDLIfyhvSDflihsDVBflsdhfbsdlfyhbzsdflhsdbflzisdfhbgzslkdhfb.
Jeff is so perfect wtf how does he even function.

Ikr hes so cool and epic swag.
by Cam-ingo April 08, 2021
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Jeff is someone that you will love for your entire life. He is a bit of a troublemaker sometimes but will always make up for it. You will always cherish a Jeff
Jeff is amazing!
by that_kid_tom May 28, 2020
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an og sender and old soul who partied a little too hard in the 60s, traveled the world as a writer and photographer and now teaches teens at a school for hippies in the Northwoods
Quotes from Jeff:

“If you remember the 60s, you weren’t there”

“I don’t know how to pass out papers, I never went to teacher school”
*throws papers across the room for students*

“I’m an english teacher and that looks like about 12ft to me,” says Jeff as he instructs his students to climb 50ft up a tree for an english lesson
by ur b1tch November 22, 2019
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A sneaky fucker. Acts all innocent but then surprises you with a whole storm of everloving shit.
"I didn't expect that from him. It came out of nowhere. Like a Jeff."
by Mungus Hungus November 18, 2015
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