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A person is finnished after or during the situation where someone else screws up totally. The finnished person mourns how life sucks because of this, and yet secretly believes that there might be a miracle ahead because of some secret ingredient like "sisu" or at least after drinking a couple of beers and the visit to the toilet or to the fridge.

A finnished person always knows the reasons why something bad happened or is about to happen, but, he or she has no actual will to make things better. He or she is willing to give valuable advice - but only afterwards. When the defeat is inevitable, finnished people take their painkillers and start to wait the next possible victory since it is just about to happen.
Guy #1: How is your life going?
Guy #2: I drank too much for a week and got a headache since my favorite team lost the game on Friday. Can you believe that the coach was so damn stupid and who, who the hell selected those players? Where was our defence? Why did they not attack? I know several things about the game by heart and they apparently nothing.
Guy #1: Sorry to hear. Better luck next time.
Guy #2: Well, at least we have the victory from a decade ago. We are the best because of that. This team did not deserve to play further. It was so right for them to lose.
Guy #1: Sorry to say but you are so finnished.

"USA made 6 goals. The hockey team from Finland tried to play and got 1 goal. The online crowd in Finland concentrated on tweets and Facebook status updates since they needed to wonder who was so stupid to let these players to represent them and while wondering this, they got more drunk. They had no opportunity to be the hockey heroes they knew they were. That sucked. The audience was so finnished."
by alituj&irruk February 26, 2010
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