Einhorn, as in the character in Ace Ventura, Pet Detective
Finkel is Einhorn, Finkel is Einhorn
by T.T.>Da>Meat>Eata June 15, 2010
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Someone who is incredibly clumsy; a clumzie.
Said person may be a bit of an airhead and may also forget to think before speaking.
(After someone trips)... "Gosh, you're such a finkels!"
(After someone drops something)... "Why don't you just change your name to finkels, huh?!"
(After someone asks a really stupid question)... "That was soo finkels of you!"
by northeast April 23, 2006
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has an amazing little sister, and usually likes red-heads or girls who coincidently have big boobs. Ran for congress in 2002.
"Did you see that kid with the sexy red-head?"
"yeah, he has to be a Finkel to get that girl!"
by dummie3 July 6, 2009
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I've been in the friend zone so long I'm thinking of reclaiming it as my territory and naming it the finkel zone.
by Dallas Harding July 9, 2010
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When you’ve been huffing too much shit gas and you can’t say “Fecal Matter” right.
Jonathan: I’m a retard and I love Finkel Mackle
by Kyscola January 27, 2023
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