when a man/woman violently and quickly fingers a vagina
That girl was so drunk i fingerblasted her right on the dance floor
by sjc75 October 29, 2011
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Since girls pockets are to small, they store their fresh fish in their vaginas. So when you ask for a snack, you reach into the vagina to find fresh snacks, and they call this finger blasting, as it's a blast of flavor.
Bruh me and my girl went camping and ran into this hungry massive bear. Suddenly I remembered how much bears love fish and I had this genius Idea to fingerblast my girl and feed him some fish.. That nasty vagina saved my life yo
by PeePee_hole October 31, 2019
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The act in which a male inserts two or more fingers as far as possible into a woman's vagina, then pumps the fingers back and forth vigorously until the female blasts her sweet paella juice all over the living room
Dave: How'd it go with genna last night?

Jeff: Great, I spent a hot minute fingerblasting that shit.

Dave: How was the cleanup?

Jeff: It was okay, mostly got on my face.
by Jonny stonking April 26, 2018
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To punch a vagina or asshole with one's fingers. Often in a rapid fashion, seldom precise.
"So I fingerblasted this chick last night...I'm pretty good at that."
"WTF Paul..."
by FBlaster April 26, 2009
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A group of 4 weebs who are fill in for clan scrims in the mobile game, Standoff 2.
Hay man we need another person for our scrim
Bro just ask fingerblast
by LLAMA SAMA November 14, 2019
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A diversionary tactic implemented by women to not only preserve the feelings of the male counter part, but minimize physical damage to the internal vaginal wall. While being penetrated with the finger, if the sensation becomes to intense or painful, the woman will take the males fingers and suck on them, as if to be ultimately sexually aroused. This motivational diversion is to have the male assume his performance is adequate, when in all actuality, he is shredding up her beef curtain.
'I had to totally pull a finger blast on Chaz the other night, he was soo shredding up my beef curtain.'
by FecalMaster July 10, 2009
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