VERB: To double one's tuition and board fees by paying for equipment, film, actor compensation and processing.
Film schooling will cause your total fees at NYU to reach $100,000.
by trentlane October 24, 2010
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describing something that is gay or festive
Your scarf is very film school.
by Justin February 22, 2005
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Film School English is a lot like ordinary English, but with more swearing.
Jake: What the fuck is Film School English?
Sam: When you cuss a lot fucking more than you normally fucking would in a fucking sentence.
Jake: Shit! I fucking love fucking Film School English!
Sam: Fucking A! Let's fucking go fucking get a fucking beer!
by DaisukeDoki November 17, 2016
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The most hilarious, witty, clever, pee-your-pants laugh out loud show to ever grace television. Hosted by the adorable and goofy Brett Erlich, who could make you smirk by just reading the dictionary to you.
Person: Did you see Tosh.0 last night?
Other: No way, i watch Viral Video Film School.
Person: What's that?
Other: It's the original Tosh.0, and it's way better. Plus, the host is a cutie pie.
Person: I like pie.
by Xhejrkhkkkkkkkk November 29, 2010
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A show on Current TV hosted by Brett Erlich. Shows video clips from the internet. Teaches you about how to make a viral video in funny ways.
Brett: "What happens when you don't throw the hammer in the hammer throw? This. Aww I didn't get the shot. I expected you to throw the hammer. That's why it's called hammer throw not moron tumble. Either way job well dumb. And that was your viral video film school pop quiz." *does thumbs up*
by !~Cbear~! November 29, 2010
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Getting drunk at film festival party, and forgetting that you dedicated a weepy speech to the executive producer.
"Oh My God, Benji Lim! You don't remember taking the mic at the 15malaysia party and giving a weepy speech to the producers and shouting freedom at the end like Mel Gibson in Braveheart?? You've got Film School Amnesia (FSA)!"
by Jailbait111 October 21, 2009
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