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Film School English is a lot like ordinary English, but with more swearing.
Jake: What the fuck is Film School English?
Sam: When you cuss a lot fucking more than you normally fucking would in a fucking sentence.
Jake: Shit! I fucking love fucking Film School English!
Sam: Fucking A! Let's fucking go fucking get a fucking beer!
by DaisukeDoki November 17, 2016
Misandrist Posing As Feminist (pronounced kinda like empath but with f on the end instead of th). Not to be mistaken for legitimate Feminists, who generally only want equality, not payback or retaliation. MPAFs, like those suffering from toxic masculinity, want control and domination over men, just like misogynists want over women.
Amber and Eve aren't feminist at all. They are MPAFs - misandrists posing as feminists. Johnny was innocent. He never hit her, unless maybe he was defending himself from being hit by her even harder...and self-defense is a two-way street, regardless of what MPAFs think. It is just as wrong for a woman to hit a man as it is for a man to hit a woman, but MPAFs will try their damnedest to shut you down if you dare say that publicly or on social media. No true feminist is an MPAF and no true MPAF is a legitimate feminist.
by DaisukeDoki May 13, 2022
(1) The title of a song from a 1978 Lassie movie that bombed in the box office
(2) A 2016 novel about a singer who uses medical marijuana for her PTSD that is, I shit you not, 420 pages.
Girl 1: I love the '70s so much I'm listening to Nobody's Property!
Girl 2: The fictional band from the book?
Girl 1: No, a song from the soundtrack of The Magic of Lassie
Girl 2: Didn't that bomb in the box office?
Girl 1: How would I know? I wasn't born until 1995.
Girl 2: I just finished reading the book. It's about some singer with PTSD who vapes pot, and no shit, it's 420 pages. The guy who wrote it claims that wasn't intentional...
Girl 1: He sounds like he's full of shit.
by DaisukeDoki October 14, 2017
A five foot two, 115 pound blue-eyed redhead manga vigilante with a blonde streak down her right side, who specifically targets child abusers (especially child molesters), white supremacists, rapists, and the occasional politician, televangelist, or used car salesperson, with a sadistic vengeance that would probably even make Dexter puke.
Dude, Nadia just killed a chimo
by DaisukeDoki August 14, 2022
(1) The ACTUAL country code for phone numbers assigned to the Czech Republic.
(2) A currently unused area code in the North American Numbering Plan which should totally be assigned to Denver, Colorado in place of 303 or Ann Arbor, Michigan in place of 734.
(3) A major pot-smoking holiday
(4) The actual page count of the novel "Nobody's Property" whose main character consumes medical marijuana to treat mental disorders.
Mary: What's the country code for Prague?
Jane: Well, it's in the Czech Republic, so 420...
Mary: No way!
Jane: Really. I shit you not!
by DaisukeDoki October 18, 2017
One of several Ohio accents (believe it or not, there are many), and the one used in the speech of the late Phyllis Diller, retired Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, retired news anchor Jim Baldridge, and the guy who wrote the Nobody's Property manga series, all of whom were either born and/or in the last example, grew up, in or near Lima.

Also how the characters in the cast of Glee talk.

People with a Lima accent generally have the following traits:

* They ALWAYS pronounce the I in Lima, Ohio like "pie" not "pea"!!!!! In fact, kids who grow up near Lima, Ohio often mispronounce Lima, Peru at first, which is pronouced the other way.
* They tend to sound like people who are on the news, as this is often mistaken for the "Ohio accent" that everyone in broadcasting school is taught.

* A little bit of the North Central (more Michigan infused than Wisconsin/Minnesota - we don't do that thing with the Os or say don't you know -but it's not always clear whether someone with a Lima accent is saying merry, marry, or Mary at times if they say one of these.
* Groceries is pronounced GROSSeries, not GROSHeries, god damn it! If you pronounce it the other way, you might be mistaken for someone from Cleveland or Dayton. The ones in Ohio or Tennessee!
* They also know that Bellefontaine, Ohio is pronounced Bell-fountain not bella-fon-tayn.
1: I'm going to LEE-mah, Ohio.
2: It's LIE-mah.
1: Are you sure?
2: Yeah.
1: I'm pretty sure it's LEE-MAH.

2: Yeah. I'm from LIE-mah. Well, I grew up at Indian Lake, which is like half an hour from Lima, anyway. I actually have a Lima accent. Most people who grew up there do.
1: Isn't that near BELLA-FON-TAYN? I lived there for years!
2: Bullshit...if you had, you'd know the locals pronounce it BELL-FOUNTAIN.
by DaisukeDoki August 31, 2022
Similar to a tornado in its destructiveness, but mushroom-shaped and usually resulting from a nuclear blast.
The golden hue in the sky with the white Trumpnado signaled the beginning of World War III.
by DaisukeDoki August 10, 2017