A wannabe rapper that is stupid enough to stand in the way of multiple oncoming bullets.
Cliffon:Wow, this record is horrible and this rapper deserves to be shot.

Demitrius: I already shot him it doesn't help. His name is stupid too. It's Fifty Cent.
by Dub P April 25, 2005
The rapper that thinks hes gangster but hes not because his lyrics are all just about sex and money....doesn't sound gangster to me.
Damn Fifty Cent got it goin on with dat big ass house and dos hoes.
by The Alex June 22, 2005
The cheapest rapper in the world.
Who's the cheapest rapper on the world?
Fifty Cent.
by Vincent Chiu June 26, 2005
A rapper with a clit called ''G-Unit''
''Hey,Mercedes did you hear the Ja Rule cd now costs Fifty Cents!''
by Nathalie December 2, 2003
reference to a sexual favor towards a man made popular by a rapper whose specialty includes "pleasing male fans" in return for a fifty cent piece
yesterday i only had a dollar. i ended up getting a fifty cent and still had enough money left to take the bus.
by Vinny Boy January 14, 2004
The cost of a cheap crack whore on Burbon Street in New Orleans.
While walking down Burbon Street I was approached by a crack whore and she said: hey man, I suck your dick for fifty cent!
by evenrant March 14, 2008
The man version of a butterface.(look up butterface) a male that has a bangen body but his face isnt working to well.
"woah check out that body! (his face shows) Gross!!!!"
by anonymous June 30, 2004