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actually the most boring state in the USA would be Idaho or Montana and it is the state of wheat not corn.
Kansas is not the most boring state and it has endless amounts of wheat.
by The Alex June 22, 2005

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The rapper that thinks hes gangster but hes not because his lyrics are all just about sex and money....doesn't sound gangster to me.
Damn Fifty Cent got it goin on with dat big ass house and dos hoes.
by The Alex June 22, 2005

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all men would die without this
Hey where'd my cheeseburger go i only took one damn bite out of it!
by The Alex June 22, 2005

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Best decade, back then everyone would smoke a blunt and nobody cared, also the best music in the world, really good bands, mainly an age of disco and rock. BEST DECADE EVER!
Man i remember those days in the 70's when i was listening to Thin Lizzy and Pink Floyd while lighting up a blunt, those were the days.
by The Alex July 09, 2005

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An alien or person that has different customs, comes from a different country/territory, and is different from your own diverse culture, religion, or maybe race.
The foreigner could not understand the directions to get to Bounty Street.
by The Alex June 22, 2005

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A person who enjoys the company of their stuff and is fairly greedy.(Sometimes also in various forms of a joker.)
Look at that damn stuff boy running sideways thinking hes all cool with his glorious stuff.
by The Alex June 08, 2005

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A powerful and destructive beast, sometimes functions as a bounty hunter or servant for a more powerful King, The Togan has 3 key weapons, His Claws Of Steel, His Furious 100 yard Tail he uses as a whip, and of course his Sword of Cheyann. The Togan's skin is half iron and has spike strips all over it which makes The Togan hard to kill.
When The Togan worked for King Allah, he was sent to bring down and restle the corpse of Ajkabah.
by The Alex June 21, 2005

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