Marijuana (technically crippy or chronic) covered in small red hairs, making it stronger.
Duuude! that was some fiery ass chronic!
by amk May 24, 2006
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Fiery , known as the queen of nothing , thinks she is the queen of everything. HA! Obviously this means she is delusional as fook m9.

However , she is sooooo attractive and she connects with the guy who built the ark! LOLZ
OMG wouldn't dare meeeee....................................Fiery
by swagfag98 January 14, 2015
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Something so dope it's considered Fire. Hot. Flames. Fieri.
Dave: Yo K.Dot, you heard Young Thug's Barter 6?

Kendrick: Yeah man, FIERI!
by William Wesley August 8, 2015
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fiery is an eruption ignited within the rectum
i feel fiery,you can feel it coming its like the first time you make a fire using petrol, end result steaming pile of shit
by Monkey dust March 20, 2006
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Deep within the halls of the scary night castle the young peasant gets castrated as he was forsaken to put aftershave on his nuts. Making him get a "fiery ball sack"
I was unhappy and tired of being a boy so I sacrificed my life and went thru the process of Fiery Ballsack.
by !TheIronClaw! March 20, 2017
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Breasts; as described in the episode of The Mighty Boosh entitled "The Priest and the Beast".
Put away those fiery biscuits.
by moogyboobles October 16, 2005
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1. The kind of poops that are caused after eating a spicy meal, thus causing a catastrophic sensation of a blazing Armageddon seeping from your anus.

2. Multiple problematic bowl movements caused by devouring to much bad Mexican food. Resulting in a zesty butthole.

3. The act of shitting infinite amounts of smoldering ass nuggets .
"damn, bro that taco bell is giving me some serious fiery poops"
by Mackerel shitstorm February 9, 2014
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