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The rarer yet superior spelling to the surname Fiddler and Fiedler. While it is originally of Anglo origins it has grown to transcend nationality, location, and time. A legend amongst men. Intelligent, attractive, strong, and compassionate. A Fidler is a genius and a natural born leader who's mere presence greatly improves the lives of people around them. While Fidler's have the power to conquer the world their natural benevolence precludes them from this action. However, if you are unfortunate enough to cross a Fidler you will be destroyed. Your fate will be instantaneous disintegration into ash. There is no mercy from a Fidler scorned. It is best to avoid such a fate.

If one comes into contact with a Fidler they must pay homage to the greatness they witness. Provide them with cash, support, and care for if you do there will be untold benefits.
1."I just became friends with a Fidler today. I have never felt more alive. I made a 100k just by being around him. He is a God among men"

2.Nick-"Where's Jeff, I haven't seen him in a while"

Anthony- "You didn't hear? He stole money from Fidler and was turned to dust"

Nick- "Damn, it must be true. There is no mercy for those who piss off Fidler"

3. Sara- "So I heard you started dating a Fidler"

Hailee- "yeah, he's the coolest, smartest, hottest, and compassionate guy I met!"

Sara- "I wish I could find a Fidler"
by DV The Great May 28, 2018
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1. A person who lies or has an uncontroble need to stretch the truth for no reason.

2. A person who thinks himself a legend in his own mind.

3. Someone who is never around when you need him, but around when you don't
1. Why are you telling fidlers. You broke the desk now I'm going to have to tell a fidler to cover it up.

2. That guy has a fidler attiude. Fidler thinking has no place in this office.

3. Where is fidler when you need him? Man I wish fidler would just leave
by reggir0641 September 10, 2010
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verb. to apply self tanner in such an inconsistent manner that it appears you haven't bathed in months.
noun. the act of pulling a fidler
Did you see that goofy bastard's tan? It looks like he fidlered himself.
by goldentee rules May 30, 2003
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Someone with way too much free time on their hands.

Basically a term used to describe an individual who avoids work.

(eg. walking around talking, playing on their phone, smoking, adding false definitions of words to urban dictionary, stalking co-worker's spouses on social media, whatever else but avoiding doing any actual work)

A person who fucks the dog or is a dog fucker

Fidler is the biggest dog fucker in the world (someone who never does any actual work)
"He's such a Fidler! He's always going to the bathroom to pretend to take a shit so he can play on his phone."
by Dr. S. Hawking May 06, 2019
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