When you rub syrup on someone's nipples

Originated from a Youtube video entitled: YTP Michael Becomes Increasingly Explicit
When i was 7 i rubbed syrup on my sister's really big nipples fiddle diddle riddle diddle !
by nick shredder June 17, 2011
Slang for a man's private part.
Also used as an insult
You have a BIG fiddle diddle.
You fiddle diddle you screwed me!
by Fun Yun Rider January 6, 2011
any sexual expirence with another person
bob fiddle diddled brittany behind jessica's back.

joe and megan were fiddle diddling in the back seat of joe's car.
by audyy July 11, 2008
Object used to "diddle" someone, such as a finger or toy
"Hey girl, i can play alot of instruments, i specialize in the diddle fiddle."
by Watchus34 June 22, 2017
When you are playing Fiddlesticks in the game League of Legends, shouting "Fiddle my diddle" will make your max health double. Some say it is gay to say "Fiddle my diddle", but they have never gotten the boost.
"Fiddle my diddle!"
by #bufffiddle2k17 May 27, 2017
Stimulate a girl's vag with your fingers
Mandy and I made out for a while, then I gave her the ol' fiddle dee diddle.
by gregin August 23, 2020