NZ slang for a fifty bag of buds. can also be called fiddy bag
Plural: Fids - two or more fiddy bags
"Me and the boys had a phat sesh with a couple fids"
by brendons_forehead December 6, 2017
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Fid, or "Feathered Kid," is a term used by many parrot owned to refer to their bird.
She was the proud parront of a very energetic fid
Parronts of all ages flock together to discuss their parrots.
He had three fids and considered himself a very responsible parront.
by LuckyDust July 15, 2011
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a cool person to chill with. but dont catch this person on a bad day cuz they can be a bitch!
Lets smoke some weed and drink some beer with fid!
by Typsy November 19, 2007
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Stands for Fat Indian Dong. Meant to describe an Indian man who has a large or "fat" penis or "dong"
Dude, did you tell her about your FID? Maybe after that she will sleep with you.
by Dobbyisanelf October 30, 2020
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The word "fids" comes from the word "kids" The "f" means feathered. Its a word that bird owners will use, usually the more advanced owners.
Ahh, the fids have been going crazy all day.
by Cipiripi April 4, 2011
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Fixed. Slang derived from colloquial usage of "fixeded."
The server was borked, so I fidded it.
by southsails November 10, 2004
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