To lie. To fib isn't to make a small, subtle lie, that will hopefully go unnoticed.
Jake was fibbing when he said he finished his homework.
by ZombieLord December 28, 2010
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Fibbing.The act of a male sticking his testicles but not his penis into a females vagina.
Me and Jenny had a great Fibbing session last night.
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To have lied.

Normally in a white way.
To earn hippie cred, I fibbed about being an actor and even showed him a card which said I was with a local repertory theater.
by The Amazing AO May 16, 2009
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Fucking Illinois Bastards – just pronounced as fib by Wisconsinites referring to people from Illinois, how they drive and act. They drive really fast at home but slower than an old lady with a walker when they’re vacationing in Wisconsin and don’t know were they’re going.
I got cut off by some FIB while I was driving on the I.
by raytown April 26, 2004
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Fucking Illinois Bastards. Common nickname for members of the worst state in the Union. Learn to drive fuckers.
Driver: Fucker!
Passenger: Hey that ass just cut you off!
Driver: No wonder.. (sees license plate)goddamn fibs!
by SaltyShotgun September 14, 2007
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Fucking Illinois Bastards or occasionally, Fucking Illinois Bitches. Shortened to the acronym "FIB."

It is an unkind term used by Wisconsinites to refer to the residents of Illinois. Common times to use this are:
1. In reference to how Illinoians Drive - very fast and offensive.
2. Their vacationing choices - Wisconsin Dells and Lake Geneva.
3. Bears Fans
1. That FIB fucking cut me off on 894!
2. FIBs are taking over the whole state in the summer!
3. When was the last time those FIBS won, 1985?
by Professorbootyxxx December 9, 2004
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