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The act of Pegging combined with Figging.
He was said after being over looked at work, so his sweetheart cheered him up with a good Fegging.
by imSkrut February 13, 2019
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Fat man pants so tight that they look like leggings.

Often worn In social situations as a form of pant.
Girl 1: "What should I wear tonight?"
Girl 2: "Your leopard skin singlet would look hot with your feggings"
by Virgo.girl.rides.69 May 14, 2011
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To beg for attention on Facebook.

A status usually goes something like....
"Why are men such bastards? Just me an my kids from now on..."

Normally followed up by comments such as "u ok hun?" "Can't talk about it on here bbes I'll inbox you"
Urgh have you seen Carol fegging for attention again....
by Mi$$ D Meanor May 18, 2018
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A form of tight pants, usually jeans, worn by men to look fashionable, similar to how women wear leggings. But the pants are so tight that they end up crushing his balls, making him a fag.
Those feggings must be pinching your balls
by ihatefeggings July 13, 2018
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