That intense emotional response you get when you see or hear something that is just so touching and perfect
Every time I see or hear Stereo Kicks performing it give me the feels
by sk_cali March 02, 2015
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Expression of agreement, sympathy, acknowledgment and a sign that you approve or comprehend a given action, thought, or situation. Essentially, this is the shortened expression of: "I feel that."
Chester: Hey, what did you do today John?
John: I banged two girls, and then went to the gym and benched 300lbs like it wasn't nothing.
Chester: Damn, John, I feels!

Josh: Hey man, you're sister is HOT!
Chester: Man, WTF, I don't feels that, feels OFF her, bro.
Josh: But, c'mon man, you don't at least feels me on that subject?
Chester: NO!
by chester1234 March 16, 2010
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One of the worst STDs you could possibly catch.

Bro1: "Bro, I totally got it in last night with her, but I think I caught the feels!"

Bro2: "Negative, you better drop those feels now bro!"
by Malachor May 22, 2014
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The overcome of emotion, usually excited, that fangirls and boys express after seeing something extremely adorable on the internet. Used to describe when there is not any way to describe. A common follow up to the feels is curling into a ball, and giggling uncontrollably.
*OTP does something cute* OMG THE FEELS!

*finishes reading the last book of Harry Potter* HARRY AND GINNY WERE MADE FOR EACHOTHER!
by Hannitalover October 25, 2014
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A word typically used in the North East of Scotland, "feel" describes someone who's not quite all there...
Hamish: "You know that Murray from up the road?"

Iain: "Aye he's a wee bit feel isn't he?"

Hamish: "Oh aye, very feel"
by setfiremysoul September 04, 2018
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The strong emotion many teen girls may get when they fangirl over a celebrity or boy. This emotion is quite delightful at first, but soon turns on you and you feel as though your hear is being ripped out but still smile through the pain.
Oh my god Becky, did you see *Enter someone's name here* last night? His face alone hit me right in the feels.

(Falls onto ground breathing heavy clutching chest) MOM! I think somethings wrong with Jessica...Maybe a heart attack? No hon she's just suffering from the feels.
by YourregularDirectioner April 22, 2016
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