When you watch an anime, and it pulls the strings of your heart and you can't help but feel it and cry.
Omg, Yuuki's death in SAO 2 gave me so many feels.
by Menrulealways June 10, 2016
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This word is used mostly by Fan Girls or Fan Boys. 'Feels' is term used when one is having an emotional moment. Like it you Otp becomes cannon or your favorite character dies.
*Watching Attack on Titan, and Marco dies.*

Fangirl/Fanboy- "Omg the feels!!" *starts sobbing
by AradiaMegido June 23, 2016
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One of the worst STDs you could possibly catch.

Bro1: "Bro, I totally got it in last night with her, but I think I caught the feels!"

Bro2: "Negative, you better drop those feels now bro!"
by Malachor May 22, 2014
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Something that is amazingly awesome or connects with the senses in wonderful way
1. "Dream Theater is a feel band."

2. "Dude, the weather today is just feel!"
by tohrbaap April 30, 2010
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Also a Cantonese Slang of English of saying to the opposite sex referring to "emotions" and "love" usually about "romance"

Chinese: I have no feel for you!
translation: "I don't feel this way about you" or "I don't love you"

Chinese: I have feel for you!
translation: "I'm feeling this way about you" or "I feel that I'm in love with you"

Chinese: do you have any feel for me?
Translation: "do you love me?" or "did you ever think of me?"
by Jack Zhang July 10, 2008
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