Also a Cantonese Slang of English of saying to the opposite sex referring to "emotions" and "love" usually about "romance"

Chinese: I have no feel for you!
translation: "I don't feel this way about you" or "I don't love you"

Chinese: I have feel for you!
translation: "I'm feeling this way about you" or "I feel that I'm in love with you"

Chinese: do you have any feel for me?
Translation: "do you love me?" or "did you ever think of me?"
by Jack Zhang July 10, 2008
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v. to feel
as in he feels her landingstrip
by ya January 11, 2004
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Expression of agreement, sympathy, acknowledgment and a sign that you approve or comprehend a given action, thought, or situation. Essentially, this is the shortened expression of: "I feel that."
Chester: Hey, what did you do today John?
John: I banged two girls, and then went to the gym and benched 300lbs like it wasn't nothing.
Chester: Damn, John, I feels!

Josh: Hey man, you're sister is HOT!
Chester: Man, WTF, I don't feels that, feels OFF her, bro.
Josh: But, c'mon man, you don't at least feels me on that subject?
Chester: NO!
by chester1234 March 16, 2010
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The overcome of emotion, usually excited, that fangirls and boys express after seeing something extremely adorable on the internet. Used to describe when there is not any way to describe. A common follow up to the feels is curling into a ball, and giggling uncontrollably.
*OTP does something cute* OMG THE FEELS!

*finishes reading the last book of Harry Potter* HARRY AND GINNY WERE MADE FOR EACHOTHER!
by Hannitalover October 25, 2014
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