The strong emotion many teen girls may get when they fangirl over a celebrity or boy. This emotion is quite delightful at first, but soon turns on you and you feel as though your hear is being ripped out but still smile through the pain.
Oh my god Becky, did you see *Enter someone's name here* last night? His face alone hit me right in the feels.

(Falls onto ground breathing heavy clutching chest) MOM! I think somethings wrong with Jessica...Maybe a heart attack? No hon she's just suffering from the feels.
by YourregularDirectioner April 22, 2016
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This word is used mostly by Fan Girls or Fan Boys. 'Feels' is term used when one is having an emotional moment. Like it you Otp becomes cannon or your favorite character dies.
*Watching Attack on Titan, and Marco dies.*

Fangirl/Fanboy- "Omg the feels!!" *starts sobbing
by AradiaMegido June 23, 2016
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"FEELS is the best muthafuckin' band ever!" Said that one guy, that one time.
by MickJaggerson November 26, 2014
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When one reads a good book or watches a show and it makes them feel a certain emotion
"Man. It really hit me in the feels when I was watching Rwby and Pyrrha died"

"Same. I cried at least for two months"
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by AnimeFreak03 May 27, 2017
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An abbreviation, if you will. Used in place of ‘Do you follow?’ or ‘Do you feel me?’; to obtain agreement when interacting with friends or to get confirmation that someone understood you.
1. Let’s go to the gym first and then hit the pool afterwards, you feels?
2. Let’s just Uber to the airport to avoid paying for long-term parking, feels?
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by Marvin’s Room August 05, 2018
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