v. to feel
as in he feels her landingstrip
by ya January 11, 2004
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Something that is amazingly awesome or connects with the senses in wonderful way
1. "Dream Theater is a feel band."

2. "Dude, the weather today is just feel!"
by tohrbaap April 30, 2010
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Also a Cantonese Slang of English of saying to the opposite sex referring to "emotions" and "love" usually about "romance"

Chinese: I have no feel for you!
translation: "I don't feel this way about you" or "I don't love you"

Chinese: I have feel for you!
translation: "I'm feeling this way about you" or "I feel that I'm in love with you"

Chinese: do you have any feel for me?
Translation: "do you love me?" or "did you ever think of me?"
by Jack Zhang July 10, 2008
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Feels or a feel is the most basic root of all feelings. The feels substance lies in the inner of someone's heart and it contains all sorts of possible feelings. That's why and unidentificable emotion is described by the word 'feel'.
My feels! *about watching something very intense*
by KonnCX November 14, 2013
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The feeling you get after looking at a picture of a celebrity you love or watching a movie/tv show with them in it. You hate them and you love them at the same time and they make you want to scream and laugh and freak out and cry all at the same time.
Friend: Did you see them kiss in last night's episode?

by PsychODirectioner July 11, 2013
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When watching, reading, or even thinking of something that your so obsessed with and your body can't handle all the emotions so it typically releases it by small sounds, body convulsions, moaning, or curling into a ball and crying.
That episode just gave me so many feels!
I just had the feels for so many hours after that book.
by youtubebabeyyy May 03, 2014
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