n. a way for a person to describe their emotion

something that hits their heart, not physically.
The feels in No Game No Life : Zero is so unbearable. I literally have tears flowing down from my face
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by EdgarNonsense June 01, 2018
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The uncontrollable release of pure euphoric emotion when one listens to trance music.

It is believed the Feels were first recognised as a legitimate emotion by a young scientist living approximately 30kms from Melbourne, Australia in a small country town known as Oaklands Junction. It is also believed that this young scientist now goes by the alias of 'The Techno Viking'
Davo : " I came here for the fucking feels!"
by Lippy89 June 03, 2015
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The word that you may use to describe why you may be doing something unusual.
Teacher: "Student, YOU CAN'T SEE?"
Student: "I CAN."
Teacher: "Then why do you keep standing up just to copy from the board?"
Teacher: "Go meet me in the assistant principal's office after class FOR BEING FUNNY!"
And I got to stay in class. Lol.
by Masterlet November 04, 2017
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