(verb) spanking; fapping; jerking it; choking the chicken; turning Japanese; stretching the armstrong; beating off; pulling tongue
D: Are you coming to work today or just sitting around feeding the dog?
A: I would go to the bar but I have to go home and feed the dog.
by Taste_Purple March 30, 2015
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Sean: Hey man, where were you at yesterday? We've been looking for you.
Joris: Just feeding the dog brother, just feeding the dog..
by BeijingNaugthyBoy June 20, 2011
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The act of inserting dry dog food into the foreskin of a penis and "chewing" it by pushing the foreskin backwards and forwards repeatedly.
Mom: Eric, what are you doing out there?
Eric: I am just feeding the dog, mom.
by Squidward666 January 5, 2018
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Male masturbation, jerking the meat, jacking off, etc.
“I’ll catch you guys later. I’ll be feeding my dog now,” said Brad.

Free premium pornhub for Valentine’s day?! No question, I’ll be feeding my dog later!
by RandomGuySteve February 13, 2019
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Excuse used to get out of conversations with creepers/boring people/your family while on the phone, computer, and originally by Morse code.
"M'lady, could I escort you to the grand opening of the traveling human bodies exhibition this Sunday afternoon?"
"I'll be feeding my dog."

by prettyXgraffiti December 8, 2008
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