One of three types of females. Can either be of the grande variety, regular variety, or small variety. Known for their insatiable hunger for booze and a good time.
Fatty loves to drink the beer on any day of the week.
by A#1 skinny November 11, 2003
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It's a fatso and very very ugly to the point where no guys would like it. It sucks at everything it does and calls itself smart even though it cheats off people.
It's a fatty
by fattymcfatfatty November 18, 2008
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an annoyingly annoying person who you fake dislike. (you love them but they're being a fatty.)
by fattymcfats April 9, 2017
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1. Something that is cool

2. A person (any size) who is eating alot.

3. A fat person.

4. A woman with a large but attractive ass

5. A erected penis
1. "Thats fattie/fatty as fuck mate".

2. "Oh my days, you ate all of that, you fattie/fatty!"

3. "Look at that fattie/fattye."

4. "Check out that fattie/fatty."

5. "Mate, Bob got a fattie/fatty over Aleesha"
by slaaaaaaaag November 29, 2007
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adj. a massive but nicely shaped ass.
noun a massive joint
Yo, shawdy got a fatty or yo let me hit that fatty.
by Ghetto Fab July 28, 2003
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a blunt with high content of marijuana.

a girl with a round plumped ass, not to flat not to wide.
Damm, we are going to blaze a fattie.

Did you see her fattie?
by Catt February 13, 2005
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"arr mate, I got gripped by the fatties with vandal grease on me silky's"
by John Gaskell February 12, 2004
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