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Aleesha is a shy person but when she has met her true friend she becomes more excitable and tends to react to things her friends say and do with enthusiasm and cares a lot for animals and nature
"Its Aleesha guys, she's shy around new people but when you know her, she's fun to be around!"
by Jazzychick21 February 22, 2015
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Aleesha is a beautiful person inside and out, she posseses beauty, brains and a fine body. She loves to seduce others and also loves to flirt, it's in her nature. She is without a doubt great in bed. She is the life of the party, she loves life and is very courageous and friendly, loved by all. She is very popular on social media and out of social media. She always wants attention and your time. She is easy to love, she get along well with others. She loves to cook and is the perfect type that you take home to your mother. Her light brown skin and beautiful eyes can seduce anyone. She is a winner. She is diligent. She is Aleesha. Anyone would be lucky to say that they know an Aleesha. :)
She's so admirable! She must be an Aleesha.
You're really lucky if you got yourself an Aleesha.
by AdmirerOfHer🌸 June 13, 2015
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A genuinely beautiful, courageous, crazy girl who loves life. Deserves to be treated like a princess. Loves animals, easy to love and very friendly. :D
by LilleeMR August 21, 2011
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Aleesha's are beutiful but shy. has lots of friends at school who she adores.very sexy and can be a bitch.she is also amazing and if you have an aleesha in your life as a friend or a lover keep her close she can make you happy and enjoy life❤️
by Alex_love❤️ October 13, 2018
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Karam’s third crush and the only one whose name isn’t a flower or sounds like a flower
Aleesha rejected Karam
by The_Ulimate_Noob November 12, 2020
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