An individual who's nickname is Patrick but who is also as big as a whale! But swears he works out!
Hey, check out Fatrick in those white coveralls. What A pile!
by 8&2 September 20, 2017
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A combination of the words "fat" and "Patrick." Used as an alternative name for a person named Patrick who is fat. Another form of this alternative name is "Fat-pat".
"When Fatrick wears yellow, people either mistake him for Big Bird or the sun!"
by Ms. Hopless Romantic December 4, 2006
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Boy who kills the attitude of the Youth Group and takes up so much room in a packed car and eats alot and likes to touch alot of ppl.
Fatrick move over!!!
Stop touching me!!
you kill the youth group.....
by mysterious j March 11, 2005
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He used to be known as Patrick. He is toxic at fortnite and usually says "your so fat". He calls everybody fat yet he is the fattest person in his middle school. Patrick words at nacdonalds. He has a brother named Nick who is legend. Patrick really needs a haircut because his hair is so bad bruh.
Fatrick: Ur SOOOOO fat.
by Kittensobad May 1, 2019
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a fattyyy.
one who bends down for girls to take pictures of him so they can put it on his fan page.
person: man, im so hungry, i want to eat, but i dont want to end up like a FATrick.
by yaaa know me. April 29, 2009
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the next thing to ryan mills, but ryan is much cooler. about the same size and everything. thinks that one day his fatass will play football in college, but they dont have d719374 otherwise he may play. but he does start on a team with only 20 students. patass is also known for eating mcdonalds out of food. but not to worrie he has a INVICIBLE TRUCK it runs threw everything, a brick wall, grocery stores, i even heard it wooped gods ass. But the system is the most incredible thing. "oh my god my base so incredible i wouldnt even have to bobble my head when im sucking mr. waja off, it nuts, litterally nuts in my mouth. anyone see casey i want to blow his dick
"of fatrick is the nastiest thing, and will never have a gf"

" MOM patass ate all our food"
by T. Mills September 18, 2007
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