A person who is not smart or has no common sense.
My friend is a real Fath. He does crazy stupid dares.
by Brucien January 27, 2020
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A tall, handsome looking guy (short, beautiful if girl) who loves to play games such as PUBG Mobile. He usually smoking red parkway or red winston (for men). The name Fath usually uses by Malaysian people (or more specifically Sarawakian) because the name itself is beautiful and gorgeous. He/she is really kind to others and also loyal to his/her partner for the sake of their life. you'll never regret of meeting them because they are actuall awesome!
A: Are you Fath? I always admired of your handsome/gorgeous face.
Fath: Yes, I am Fath. Thank you for your compliment.
by nrfthllh April 13, 2020
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Gay sri Lankan man who likes wearing silk and taking it in the bum.
Look at Fath, he's so gay
by King155 May 2, 2018
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When it is so hot outside that all you can say is fath.
BOB: Hey Joe lets play basketball outside.

JOE: No way man it's way to fath. I wish it was brr.
by #ballin June 19, 2013
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"He was my FATH."
by Giannavale December 8, 2009
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A term to describe an action that is truly heinous. Fathing can be used to describe any unacceptable action. It can also be used to mean ruining something. It can be a sexual action as well.
Did you see catherine last night? She was fathing around in the backseat.
by filthyfathycathy January 6, 2012
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FATH (abbreviation)

Fat After The Holidays
- i don't feel like going out. i'm feelin' totally fath..
- fat?
- fath
- fAT?
- fATH
- FAT??????
by catfight12 January 10, 2009
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