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The art of masterbating really fast and cumming within a 2 minute range is called Fasterbating
David: Well, my mom was coming home soon, but I was majorly horny... so I started Fasterbating.

Jim Bob: And...

David: 1 minute 30 seconds

Jim Bob: Nice
by Chaz E. February 28, 2008
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The art of masterbating in a short amount of time do to time restraints.
Man, the other day, I had like five minutes from the time my mom went down the street to get the mail til she came back up to help me get my stuff! I was fasterbating like a mother fucker!!
by Comanche Jackson September 29, 2011
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Fasterbating is when fat slobs who usually eat and self-gratify simultaneously go on a diet and just gratify themselves on an empty stomach.
Self-Gratyifying oneself to eating disorder porn
Person 1 : Wow, is that that same fat freaky slob that never leaves the house, they're kinda looking, less fat and slobby, though really still freaky
Person 2: Yeah, they've lost a lot of weight since they started Fasterbating
Person 1: Fasterbating?

Person 2: I know, I'm never eating again

Person 1: *walks in* -looks at screen #puuuuke#
Person 2: I was fasterbating, what?
Person 1: Nothing, *gasp* nothing at all
by Comrade Plasternasty October 07, 2010
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