jerkin off is a young guy's favorite pastime.
It's "No-Nut November", so I haven't been jerkin off, but when do, I'm really gonna cum a bucket!
by eda-skip November 22, 2022
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The act of masturbating with your arm under your raised leg imitating the skateboarding maneuver, replacing the skateboard with your penis.
yo tommy i totally walked in on ryan jerkin' off stalefish today.
by bigdonghealey April 17, 2011
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V. (Jakin' Aff In Da Gabage)Always spoken in an imitation "Jersey Accent." Refers to one who is neglecting there responsibilities to a group of people, leaving the others to assume they were abandoned for some unknown, obscure reason.
Dean: Hey guys where is James, did he bail on us?

Nick: That bastard, he's probably sittin' over in the corner there, jerkin' off in the garbage.
by Harry Niss October 24, 2011
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like saying "you gatta be kidding me"
Dude 1: Dude i just found 5o dollars
Dude 2: Ur jerkin me off
by betterthanuby2 February 1, 2011
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