A very nice band that formed in Austin, Texas in the 1990s.
"Dude, did you hear that song by Fastball, "The Way?" it's amazing!"
by Pat the Rat October 21, 2008
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When you shoot fecal matter out of your rectum with velocity causing a stain on the back of the toilet; usually when you have to go real bad
Damn bro. I hit that with a fastball so bad it looks late someone got their brains blown out!
by PerkWitaK October 6, 2017
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A so-so Houston based band. Had 1 hit, The Way, in the mid-ish 90's.
"But where were they going without ever knowing the way?"
by El Toro Grande September 16, 2004
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infamous hashtag that is trending nationwide thanks to Charlie Sheen.
Ready for my next #fastball, world? PLAN BETTER Applies to everything where an excuse now sits. Try it. U won't be wrong. Ever. #PlanBetter
by sheener55 March 30, 2011
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Fastest pitch in baseball. There are several varieties, such as the 4-seam, 2-seam, cutter, and split.
Got him swinging at the 2-2 fastball.
by Rodney Basil October 4, 2003
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1. A High Speed Pitch From A Pitcher On The Opposing Baseball Team
2. The State Police Term For A Afro- American Male. Used By Sliding 2 Fingers Up and Down Your Fore-Arm. Also See Deuce
1. That Pitcher Threw A 101 MPH. Fastball And Struck Me Out.
2. I Pulled A Car Over Last Night For D.U.I. And The Driver Was A Drunk Fastball...
by Rodney Farva September 7, 2005
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When you place your hand in a cup-shaped form behind your ass. Then you fart into your hand and move your hand (still in cup shape) towards your friend / person's nose, carrying the fart in it. Hence a fastball.
My fastball just knocked out Kim Dollof.
by Ryan Leighton February 9, 2005
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