1. A High Speed Pitch From A Pitcher On The Opposing Baseball Team
2. The State Police Term For A Afro- American Male. Used By Sliding 2 Fingers Up and Down Your Fore-Arm. Also See Deuce
1. That Pitcher Threw A 101 MPH. Fastball And Struck Me Out.
2. I Pulled A Car Over Last Night For D.U.I. And The Driver Was A Drunk Fastball...
by Rodney Farva September 06, 2005
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When you place your hand in a cup-shaped form behind your ass. Then you fart into your hand and move your hand (still in cup shape) towards your friend / person's nose, carrying the fart in it. Hence a fastball.
My fastball just knocked out Kim Dollof.
by Ryan Leighton February 09, 2005
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The act of cupping a fart in your hand and then throwing it at someone.
Here's a fastball coming atcha!
by Isaiah Groshong January 24, 2008
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where u slap your balls on to your partners face until they bleed
My friend gave my mom a fastball.
by cclark March 15, 2007
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A 90's indie rock band formed in 1995 in austin texas. The band skyrocketed to fame on the gossamer wings of their hit single."the way"a very compelling song about an elderly couple who attend a rural Texas festival called pioneer days. And due to their collective dementia.never return and their car is eventually found at the bottom of a ravine near hot springs arkansas. Hence.the pliant refrain: "where were they going.without ever knowing the way!"
I knew the guys from "fastball"when they worked at a deli in austin.
by 4realazitgits March 18, 2021
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