The refined art of being just late enough (5 minutes or so) to give the impression that you are a busy, popular person that was held up with other business.
by Anna October 9, 2003
When you show up to a party late, so everyone will think you have a life.
Woah! Johnny showed up to the party fashionably late! He is soooo cool!
by OhMyGosh...................... September 20, 2011
When you arrive later not because you are late , you show up with style.
You maybe were "doing your makeup" or "dumping an ex" but you are perfectly amazing :3
Person 1: "Goddamnit, she just came here?"

Person 2: "wow she is so pretty,"

Person 3: "she is so fashionably late "
Fashionably late
When cum/semen seeps out of ur limp penis 5-10 minutes after masturbating
When i was walking around i had a couple fashionably late guests arrive.
by tuffytoenails September 14, 2011
The opposite of cumming too soon (premature ejaculation); when a guy is more than able to satisfy his broad by making his deposit late into the fuck fest
All the girls appreciate that MOCO is always fashionably late!
by MOCO & P-Phat May 28, 2008
To be dead having departed this earth in a manner or with timing that fits the current zeitgeist.
"Had Ledger not been Fashionably Late 'The Dark knight' would have bombed."
"Amy Winehouse seems to be determined to be Fashionably Late."
"Stabbed? How fashionably late of him."
by Summer B August 17, 2008
Fashionably Late ,is when you show up to a party 5 minutes late with a Super Model stuck on your cock.......
Look! lee just showed up 5 minutes late with a Super Model stuck on his cock...NOW THATS WHAT I CALL Fashionably Late
by deahtub May 31, 2008