This is, in fact, an impossibility. Any scheduled time is by its very nature a recipriversexclusion (a number that is anything other than itself) and it is therefore impossible to be late.
she's fashionably late ... again.
by Sinister_Ringmaster November 22, 2015
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Depending on the type/style of the event fashionably late can also range from 5 minutes (to a dinner date or a small gathering) to 45 minutes-1 hour (21st parties please note that there are also varying categories of 21st parties and discretionary judgement must be exercised). This time frame, or 'cushion', allows enough other people to have already arrived so that it is not only the birthday person and their parents in attendance and also conveys the possibility that you have come from a previous engagement (please refer to above definition).
1 hour late to a dinner party is socially unnacceptable and can protray an undesired tone of self importance however an hour late to a keg party is assumed and will be recognised as being fashionably late (again discretion must be employed to ensure that the beer will not be finished prior to your arrival).

by KateO November 15, 2007
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A person who doesn't just arrive late to everything, they arrive late to everything and expect congratulations for arriving at all, special treatment, and prizes.
Who does Blaine think he is, Cher? You cannot walk into one of Brecht's parties three hours late and demand a blunt in a pina colada wrapper, your own bottle of Veuve, and a foot massage!

Girl, didn't you know? He's a total fashionably late-anista.
by Miz James October 04, 2011
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