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To be dead having departed this earth in a manner or with timing that fits the current zeitgeist.
"Had Ledger not been Fashionably Late 'The Dark knight' would have bombed."
"Amy Winehouse seems to be determined to be Fashionably Late."
"Stabbed? How fashionably late of him."
by Summer B August 17, 2008
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Individuals who approach one on the street with unsolicited literature or requests, such as free newspapers, The Big Issue, flyers, requests for money, 'Charity Muggers', religious apologists, petition carriers, etc. These individuals in Britain have replaced the now banned practices of cold calling, email spamming and junk mailing, as the only thing charities/companies don't need permission for any more is invasion of personal space and public harassment.
"I am late because I had to do the Human Spam Slalom down the high street."
by Summer B August 17, 2008
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Games console or player online on such which/who keeps ones' husband/boyfriend out of trouble while one does something more interesting.
Alternatively a games console used as a substitute for interaction by a bad parent.
"He hates that movie, so I'll be calling on the xboxitter so I can chill out and watch it in peace."
"No wonder he's hyper, his mum left him with the xboxitter all day yesterday."
by Summer B August 17, 2008
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