An eloquent ancient persian (MALE) name from Achaemenid Persian Empire era.
He was the protecter of the throne, personal confidant and advisor to King Cyrus the Great ,Farzin was also his body guard.
The youngest son of Arshan from the Ariaramnesh family,(Ariaramnes was the great uncle of the Cyrus the Great.)

One of the top four well trained elite warriors and trusted Achaemenidian Royal guards.
Farzin saved King Cyrus from certain death at the battle of Syr Darya. later received the highest honors from the House of Achaemenidian.

The top trusted Elite guards of the Royal House of the Acaemenids were: : Farzin, Artin, Bardiya, Arsames.

Other guards in the house must of reported to Farzin before visiting the king.
by Lorena B. August 16, 2009
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In an ancient Persian language ,it is a short word to describe a brave and rather selfless defender of Justice on a valiant Horse.

In Modern English the name translate to a person of Courage and powerful Will against the unjust of their adversary.

The word became popular among the descendants of the Medes and the Aryans, where Arshan is recorded to be the first Aryan to use this name on his son, whom became to fit the true meaning of his name by being the personal protector (Body Guard) of King Cyrus the Great.
The Chivalric code of the Persians or in the persian lingo:(Farzin-GoorouhanSepah).... These were knights appointed in the Medes Empire around 650 B.C to defend & to protect the helpless, the weak, and to restore order after the fact when the battle was over. {(An earlier version of, or perhaps the 1st establishers of the National Guards around the world)}

The word Farzin would alert the enemies of a very tough to conquer mission & fight to death battles. (In most cases in these battles enemy troops had massive losses in very large numbers against Farzin-GoorouhanSepah of the Medes Empire.)
by The History Buff August 18, 2009
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From the name meaning turquoise... a female with excellence and strength. A powerful thinking person who sometimes may fail but gains from her experience.
She is exceptionally beautiful and intelligent.

Derived from Persian origins, Farzin remains the name for the Queen in a game of Persian chess.
He moved the Farzin to a new position on the chess board.
Can I write another essay on that? - Quote Farzin.
by squidgeomana June 9, 2010
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A well-known drug and/or pizza topping.
Man, I'm tripping mad hard on that new Farzin...

Yeah, I'll have a large Farzin pizza with extra Farzin. Thanks.
by ChrisPranks September 7, 2011
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!. To create unnecessary extra work out of nothing
2. To harass lame people
3. Obsessed with cats
4. To praise dabcat
I just did a farzine when I harassed Atheer, GQ, Wolf, Lior and Farz's Staff.
by Atheer1965 June 1, 2019
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another way of saying "fly male"
Did you see that farzin walking down the street?
by Bee Dole October 21, 2007
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To put no effort into anything unless its really needed.
Farzine is such a farzine when it comes to working on the server.
by MagsPie June 1, 2019
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