The burning sensation one feels in their rectum after having been flatulent the entire day.
Navin: Oh man, I had Taco Bell all day yesterday, and now I have fartburn.
by avaron November 02, 2006
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when you poop or fart and you butt hole burns. not like tempature, but like hot sauce on your tounge, or when you throw up and it goes up your nose. like that exept on your butthole.
guy 2: EWW that was a wet one! wasnt it?!
guy 2: what?
guy 1: it feels like i just farted out jalapinos!
guy 2: omg...
by Bubba2x4 February 15, 2009
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A tangy acidic burn felt on the opening of ones anus the moment before letting out a ripper. A warning that what was thought to be a fart was anctually a pressurized diarrheal discharge
I cocked my leg to let one go, but I felt a kiss of Fartburn, and realized I had to find a toilet STAT!
by Thedude78 July 07, 2019
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The fecal residue left in one's underpants resulting from overindulgence of food and/or drink.
"Man, I ate me some good ole beans and it gave me the worst fartburn! My wife had to bleach my underwear twice just to get the stains out."
by XtremeJokes August 13, 2008
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