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To strike someone quickly and with great power after initial irritation.
I wanted to straight jack slap that boy when he started frontin on your ass.
by Fes October 09, 2003

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When someone tries to annoy or hurt someone verbally by saying a put down in a coy or apparent unaware way.
Your mom is passive aggressive. She always acts sweet and then suttley mentions my three abortions in a matter of fact way.
by Fes October 09, 2003

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sad, gloomy... unhappy, getting angry for little things for being sad...
Fred was melancholy due to his family and freinds giving him a hard time.
by FES June 03, 2006

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The phraze that the character FES(FEZ) off of the show 'That '70's show' says when one of the other characters makes him mad or frustrated.
FES Good Day!!!
Donna: But FES...?
FES: I said GOOD DAY!!!(runs out the door)

Kelso: FES you're just mad that your chickens and lizards don't fit into my pinball machine.
FES: I will not dignify that with a responce... for i cannot think of one, but when i do... good day!
Kelso: But FES...
FES: I said kiss my a$$
by FES August 03, 2006

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A manner or acting better than one really is.
That bitch is acting so uppidy since she started dating that rich boy.
by Fes October 09, 2003

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term used for friend(kuz)
Say cus you need to laon me some money
by Fes October 10, 2003

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