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Farina is a girl who sensitive to people and have dimple.
She was sensitive girl

I know, she was farina
by Kkkim October 1, 2018
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Sexy, sophisticated chiquita. Enjoys parties with strangers...particularly those who vomit on her white carpet and punch holes in her beautiful bathroom walls using only their heads. Attract some of the best BFs around and can play Super Mario Brothers Wii with the best of them. Can fend off bank robbers using their extensive charm and wit.
Used as an adjective, Farina means sex on legs as in: "Man that chick is FARINA!"
by OoeyP February 3, 2010
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1. Italian car designer
2. Hot Cereal (oatmeal)
3. Fabolous last name
Jerry Seinfeld "There is a hair in my
by Lisa Farina February 2, 2008
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a leader of the '60s counterculture folk-rock scene, he was friends with Bob Dylan. His wife, Mimi, was Joan Baez's sister, who was at that time dating Dylan. Richard died in 1966 in a motorcycle crash, which put a damper on his musical career. who knows how famous/influential he would have become otherwise...
A shocking number of influential musicians died in the '60s and '70s.

ex: Richard Farina
by SuperKabob37 August 28, 2010
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When you are eating an oversized Corned Beef Sandwich with Sauerkraut on Rye Bread and a stranger, male or female, comes up to you and ejaculates in your pocket. Leaving you with only a warm memory.
I was up in Motor City enjoying me a nice Deli when somebody gave me a wonderful Hot Farina. I love the Great Lakes eh
by DirtyClemmons May 1, 2021
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When someone makes a statement that is utterly ridiculous and you can't say bitch please because old people are around.
For Real Farina?

Last night , I came home to literally a million people in my apartment while my roommate was at the store.

For Real Farina ? A million people?
by Concrete Bleach January 31, 2016
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a science teacher who has an unhealthy relationship to graphs and makes her students write out "no homework" in their planners when they dont have homework;

an old person who thinks they are up to date on culture and uses memes wayyyy too much
person 1: look at all the memes my mom sent me

person 2: yeah dude, she's such a mrs. farina
by im hotter than ur mom April 12, 2020
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