Nickname for Detroit.
the largest city in michigan.

it is the center of the United States automobile industry
Motor City is hotter than a muthphuker!
by LEc2 May 14, 2003
A Neighborhood in southside Colorado Springs that is nothing but Car Dealerships.
Motor City drive, 35 ex-cons per square mile.
by Brisk November 1, 2004
Detroit!!! duh what else could it be??? u know how us detroiters do!!! 313 baby!
motor city is detroit
by shayshay August 15, 2007
a female from detroit with extremely huge titts!
Oh my god,that girl has got motor city titties!!!!!!!!!
by VANORTON June 29, 2006
When a manboy attains in the penis the necessary tumescence of the meat shaft that would, in due diligence, be required forthwith to bend said shaft underneath the testicle closet, with urethra aimed with verisimilitude towards the particular gentleman's brown nugget nectar, and announces himself with firm and steady protrusion of the anal chamber, like Apollo 13 landing the lunar module on the face of our great Moon. If one such individual demonstrates the ability to "ride himself" and produce the pleasure potion necessitated by so many of our brethren so that it may flow hither and thither about the shaft meat, then he truly is his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. An ostrich buries its head in the sand whence it realizes how ugly it is; a penis buries itself in its owner with extreme effort.
Hey, man, my friend's date stood him up last night so he gave himself a Motor City ostrich as a consolation prize.
by Burl Fret May 19, 2016
A woman who gives you car rides and fellatio and money.
I just got crabs from the motor city mama who drove me home.
by motorcitymama July 1, 2009
A sex act that is performed by first anal penetration and then oral sex on the penis of the "active" part. Also known as simply "ass-to-mouth" or AtM.

While no one knows where it originated, it carries the name of Motor City, also known as Detroit. Perhaps named as political commentary or a comment or the local cuisine.
"You come over here, stud, and I'll give you a Motor City Special."
by bornabroad January 15, 2012