When someone has a goatee or facial hair growth that approximates the hairy area around the anus.
Why do so many professional baseball players grow goatees that give them a fanus?
by Fanus hater September 25, 2009
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Fire Anus; from to much spicy foods. The feeling your anus gets when you eat or drink things that burn when they come out.
I went to work with a mad case of fanus from to much chicken wings and beer the night before.

Sometimes you realize you have a big day at work and you need to lay off the hot wings because you can't deal with the fanus.
by Dcline319 April 11, 2011
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A person with a really fat ass i.e fat + anus.
a fat ass
Man, that maths teachers a fanus
man that teacher has such a fanus
by dang March 1, 2005
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When you titty fuck a woman and then do a 180 so she eats your taint. So I've been told by Moses.
"When not busy wailing on my pecks, I give the ladies a little fanus......tehn I go to the Firks'"
by Googles May 11, 2006
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A fanus is a mixture of an anus and someone fat.

Pronounced: Fay-nus
Zac your such a fanus!

Zac why do you have a fanus?
by krazyguy97 December 30, 2010
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Noun: A familiar term for friends. (root: friendly anus)
"Hey fanus, what's up?"
"You're such a fanus."
by Deirdre Fanus February 2, 2006
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