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a form of fantastic in which it has been pumped up with quite a bit of kick ass.
Wow bill that what some fantastical pudding that your mother served for evening brunch.
by Cold Reaper November 28, 2003
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1. Common mistake for "fantastico," the word for "fantastic" in a number of languages.

2. Fantastic + Magical. Often as a backwards attempted explanation for definition 1.
1. Googling "We'd be so fantastical" reveals that Lady Gaga has inspired this mistake 70,000+ times. (She's actually saying "fantastico")

2. Many other definitions on Urban Dictionary :)
by SaulLovesYou May 23, 2010
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Of or being in a state of greatness, or happiness. May include descriptions of objects. eg.
This sandwich is Fantistical, I feel Fantastical
by Josh Prevost April 24, 2006
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1. Fantastical is an adjective that describes something that is greater than GREAT!

2. Or it means over the top or too imaginative
"How was your night with that hot girl last night ?"
"It was FANTASTICAL. We did everything possible, if you get what i mean. ;)"
by Thomas Nguyen September 09, 2007
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When used to describe people, it is to be fantastic, artistic and magical all wrapped in one.
Brett Hall is such an ultra-phenominal, artistical, genius that he is fantastic, artistic and magic all at the same time. This makes him the most fantastical male specimen on the 3rd stone from the Sun.
by SuZy Q. Public March 15, 2007
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something that is fantastic and magical at the same time
my brain is fantastical at following exagerrations
by ruben Tamayo January 19, 2006
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