a form of fantastic in which it has been pumped up with quite a bit of kick ass.
Wow bill that what some fantastical pudding that your mother served for evening brunch.
by Cold Reaper November 29, 2003
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1. Common mistake for "fantastico," the word for "fantastic" in a number of languages.

2. Fantastic + Magical. Often as a backwards attempted explanation for definition 1.
1. Googling "We'd be so fantastical" reveals that Lady Gaga has inspired this mistake 70,000+ times. (She's actually saying "fantastico")

2. Many other definitions on Urban Dictionary :)
by SaulLovesYou May 23, 2010
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Of or being in a state of greatness, or happiness. May include descriptions of objects. eg.
This sandwich is Fantistical, I feel Fantastical
by Josh Prevost April 24, 2006
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something that is fantastic and magical at the same time
my brain is fantastical at following exagerrations
by ruben Tamayo January 19, 2006
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Too annoy certain people with just one word
Ite blud! I said this girl looked fantastical and her head blew up!
by RiceSlicer ;) June 3, 2015
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1. Of or relating to fantasy; unreal.
2. Stange; unconventional.
1. L. Ron Hubbard bases his pseudosciences on fantastical mythology instead of facts and testable sciences.

2. Tim Burton's vivid imagination lends to fantastical stories and films.
by Matt June 1, 2004
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