Oh my fucking God, what the fuck shit crap piss! Why? Ass FUCK! Stop the pain, please, dear God, stop the PAIN!
Studying for my Biology final is going fantastically, again.
by Draeon May 14, 2008
1. Fantastical is an adjective that describes something that is greater than GREAT!

2. Or it means over the top or too imaginative
"How was your night with that hot girl last night ?"
"It was FANTASTICAL. We did everything possible, if you get what i mean. ;)"
by Thomas Nguyen September 9, 2007
When used to describe people, it is to be fantastic, artistic and magical all wrapped in one.
Brett Hall is such an ultra-phenominal, artistical, genius that he is fantastic, artistic and magic all at the same time. This makes him the most fantastical male specimen on the 3rd stone from the Sun.
by SuZy Q. Public March 15, 2007
Usually stands for an event which involves "battle of the classes". Taken place during high school events. battle between classes of the freshmen, sophomore, junior, and seniors. Each class devises about a 20 minute skit which tie together with an overall theme. schoos judges evaluate each skit and determine the winner, winning spirit points for that class. What makes fantastics unique is that students from each class have to gather classmates, write a skit, choreograph dances, make costumes... etc basically devise a mini show.

Hey, did you go to Fantastics?
Yeah! I did, the Junior's skit was soo much better than the Sophomores
by minh March 18, 2006
Fantasteful is to be used when a food or drink is so fantastically flavored that it requires a more fitting word to do it justice.
That was the most fantasteful meal I have had all week!
by Outofthepurplebox December 14, 2017
To exist only in dreams; in a fantasy;
unreal; nonexisting.

Person 2: You have a fantastic sense of creativity.
by lolz11eleven February 27, 2006