Mr. Facchin
This mr.facchin is fantastic and has a fantastic graph
by Alejandro Mcpiggleton July 11, 2011
An adjective used by a co-worker constantly because he is unable to use his tiny brain to think of another word.
Dumbass: The position is with company A or company B; is this something you can see yourself doing?

Person A: Yes it is

Dumbass: Fantastic! You will be a fantastic person to work for this fantastic company
by Knob_Handler February 11, 2015
Anything that could be described as fantastic
You might say:

"Check out the fantasticness of that dress!"

instead of

"Check out how fantastic that dress is!"

These things mean the same thing, it's just a good way to make yourself sound a little stupider. Sometimes it's fun to be silly.
by mrword July 25, 2012
A word used by gay or effeminate guys. It is often used by rather enthusiastic people as well.
That's fantastic!
by YakaKitty April 8, 2010
I won the NY marathon in record time I was just fantastical.
by ernie theurer March 10, 2008
Zippy: Let's stay at home but pretend we're traipsing the tundra.

Zerbina: A Fantastication? Kind of like visiting Disneyland, but without the lines or the alienation?

Zippy: Kind of like TV!

from Zippy 7-31-11

by Bill Griffith
by funkspiel July 31, 2011
Often said with emphasis on the 'faan' heard in 'Features For Print..'
Oh my god!! Decky is fantastic!
Oh my god!! Karla, it is faaantastic!!
by Karla & Decky December 8, 2008