Person who obessess over a series (TV,book, movie ect) and acts annoyingly like its the best thing ever made. Most fantards for movies never read the book and 99% of fantards are motivated by blind loyalty or a sad need to be popular or accepted. Fantards are also known to be really rude to people who go against there precious fandom and don't practise literary or any type of preference tolerence.

Fantatds are what made real fans look bad.
This twilight fantard yells at me because I don't like the damn book.

How to spot a fantard:
~blind loyaly, show in an annoying and rude demenior, to any series; especially popular ones

~being rude and immature to people against people who don't like there fandom

~only fantarding a fandom while its popular

~if its a book gone movie: having no knowlage of scenes or people left out by movie producers
by godDAMNtwilightFANTARDS December 13, 2008
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A combination word of "fan" and "retard".
Used to describe the over-enthused or crazy and obsessed fans of American Idol!
That crazy girl with the American Idol sign is a FANTARD!
by willywee August 01, 2008
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A combination word of "fan" and "retard".
Usually used to describe the over-enthused or hardcore retard fans of various TV shows/comics/games/etc. such as Dragonball or Star Wars.
Let's start killing Star Wars fantards.
by Gauphastus April 21, 2004
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Most of the people who post "definitions" on UD. Will piss themselves and get Butthurt when ever somebody disagrees with them.

If you need a better picture of what a fantard is, look up any band or popular video game and watch how fans, scratch that, FAGS will go batshit crazy talking about how much their video game or band is better than the sex they will never have.

The reason only fantard's definitions get top marks are because fellow basement dwellers lives revolve around the band/video game and must make sure that only the crazy ass fantards definition that talks about how he masturbates to his idols gets on top.
fantard: z0r000000mG, h4lo r teh best0rz vidya gaem EVAR, i mastrobat 2 1t!!!11!!!1

fellow fantard: h4y dis guy al5o j3rk5 it 2 h4lo, MUST GIVE TOP MARKS AND USE CAPS LOCK
by fgsfdsMASTER January 29, 2009
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1. (noun) Any over-the-top fan of anything, but normally used to describe tweens and 40+ year old women who obsess over American Idol contestants.

2. (verb) To act in a manner that would suggest being a fantard.

Derived from "fan" and "retard".

Often simply "tard", especially when used in a compound noun to specify the person whom the fans adore.

The term is mostly used on Vote For The Worst.
1. I found a small group of Cooktards on an online forum praying for David Cook's album to go quadruple platinum.

2. I caught my little sister fantarding over Barack Obama at the rally. She was waving signs, screaming, and generally making a fool of herself.
by Kazyan October 19, 2008
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Derogatory term used for a person who is overly obsessed on Final Fantasy and shamelessly disses other franchise thinking nothing can compare to a good, but overrated franchise, believing its a gift from heaven.
Final Fantard: Final Fantasy is the best game ever! Every other series is a piece of shit!

Normal Fan: What a fantard.
by CaptainRainbow February 07, 2014
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A child within the age of 7-13 who whines and obsesses over the infamous game series that is "Call of Duty". Usually FaZe member wannabes, they love to try and act "gangsta" to look cool. Really, though, they act stupid. When the match begins, they usually get pissed off whenever they get killed. They also usually suck at the game, getting about a score of 7/15 after the match, rarely getting higher.

Long story short, a CoD fan makes the online gaming community worse.
by q543frodomar June 03, 2017
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