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1. Shitty president ends his term. Everybody is pretty PO'd from his actions in office.

2. The candidates are picked. The one who can spout enough bullshit is picked to be the next president.

3. President makes a bunch of promises about change and hope. Approval ratings jump.

4. President does something kind of good. Approval ratings climb. Everybody's life if still a piece of shit, but look, we got this guy as our president!

5. President doesn't do much of anything. Ratings slightly drop, but holy shit, check out who's our president!

(Optional Step) Win a Nobel Peace Prize for no reason. Approval ratings are back up.

6. Passes controversial act/law/ect. that really hurt his ratings. People are also seeing through his promises. Ratings drop.

7. Continues to do little other than talk and do small things. Ratings go down a tad bit further.

8. REELECTED!! Ratings go up yet again. Repeat a few steps and...

9. Shitty president ends his term. Everybody is pretty PO'd from his actions in office.
Evolution of Presidential Approval Ratings
by fgsfdsMASTER December 31, 2009
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A gay emo band in which it's fans insist that they are not emo, but the band members where eyeliner, dress-up in all black, cry about stuff in their music, and typically (but not always) has one or more bisexual members. Definition of an emo band.
Some good examples of eyeliner bands:

30 Seconds to Mars
Fall Out Boy
Bullet for my Valentine

Pretty much all the bands that emo teenagers like.
by fgsfdsMASTER September 22, 2009
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Brandon Flowers is such a gay-ass name that he had to make a band with an equally retarded name called "the Killers" because they're so super creative and original when it comes to names, such as Brandon Flowers.
by fgsfdsMASTER February 18, 2009
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A hilarious TV show which shows kids with special needs trying to create music. It's seriously the funniest thing on TV.

Cassidy "Can't spell my first name" Pope
Michael "Think my name is Jersey" Moriarty
Mike Genitals
Alex Lipshawed off
Elliot "Has a Pussy" James
Dummy Nolan

Basically, they try to imitate their favorite band Paramore with hilarious results! They're so bad at it, you have to laugh hysterically!
Jim: Look everybody! "Hey Monday" is on!

Lisa: Really! Oh, AHAHAHAHAHAHA! This show is so funny!

Richard: I know, I love watching retarded kids try to make music! I just kills me!
by fgsfdsMASTER June 28, 2009
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President of the United Stated from 2000-2008

Gets a lot of crap from people who have a lack of basic understanding of government. Apparently, no one has a fucking clue about checks and balances, which if you're not aware of, means the president can't do whatever he wants. There had to be a bunch of other supposed "fuck-ups" from congress (Democrats included) right behind him.
Assuming person who fails to understand checks and balances: Oh my god, George Bush screwed up the economy! Anarchy, man!

Non-dipshit: If you had any clue about government, you'd know that it was Congress, not George Bush, who screwed up the economy. Anarchy is a flawed system anyways.
by fgsfdsMASTER December 25, 2008
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Most of the people who post "definitions" on UD. Will piss themselves and get Butthurt when ever somebody disagrees with them.

If you need a better picture of what a fantard is, look up any band or popular video game and watch how fans, scratch that, FAGS will go batshit crazy talking about how much their video game or band is better than the sex they will never have.

The reason only fantard's definitions get top marks are because fellow basement dwellers lives revolve around the band/video game and must make sure that only the crazy ass fantards definition that talks about how he masturbates to his idols gets on top.
fantard: z0r000000mG, h4lo r teh best0rz vidya gaem EVAR, i mastrobat 2 1t!!!11!!!1

fellow fantard: h4y dis guy al5o j3rk5 it 2 h4lo, MUST GIVE TOP MARKS AND USE CAPS LOCK
by fgsfdsMASTER January 29, 2009
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USUALLY a huge fag who thinks he is super hxc because he hates religion.
More than likely, all his friends, if he has any that is, thinks he is an idiot
or some kind of retard.

Some qualities an anti theist PROBABLY has:
1. An anarchist
2. Bases his beliefs off of George Carlin's comedy act without realizing that
there is a reason it is called a COMEDY act
3. Has never had a girlfriend
4. Thinks other people don't like him because they are "bl1nd3d bby teH g0dzz
anDD arnt sm4rt enuff 2 c passt 1t. lulz, d1d u no tha '1t' rhyme5 wit 'tit'.
megalulz, ima masturbate now."
5. Listens to music he heard off of Guitar Hero, because none of his friends want to share their musical taste with him. If he knew some of the bands from Guitar Hero believed in God, he would immediately piss himself and go fap his anger off.
6. Will be living with his parents for a loooong time.

Anti-theists should not be confused with an atheist. An atheist is someone who
simply doesn't believe in a God while an anti-theist is retarded and has no
Regular person: I'm going to church on Sunday, want to come?

Atheist: No thanks, I'm not really into that sort of thing.

Regular Person: Oh, that's cool. I'll see you at work tomorrow.

Anti-theist who overheard their conversation: Faggot, you are blinded by your God and you will suffer from a lack of your false promises! I will enjoy seeing you depressed from having no result in following your false faith!

Regular person: Ahh, fuck, he's not coming into work tomorrow, is he?

Atheist: No, he doesn't have a job. But hey, what more can you expect from an
anti theist?

(The 2 friends walk away, laughing at the anti-theist and his retardedness. The
anti-theist begins to jack off.)
by fgsfdsMASTER February 24, 2009
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