Vote for the worst is made up of a group of over-weight middle aged housewives who sit around their computer all day stalking people half their age. They follow American Idol and stalk all the contestants because they themselves have no lives. Since they have become old and over-weight they try to live vicariously through younger people.
Who is that fat piglet that sits in front of the computer all day. "It must be someone from Vote For The Worst".
by VFTW exposer January 03, 2010
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A website run by degenerates of society who have nothing better to do with their time. At one point considered interesting for American Idol watchers, the owners and members now spend most of their waking moments insulting, degrading, or cursing at contestants they don't like, fans of contestants they don't like, and anyone who does not share their viewpoint. Their forums are filled with hate filled threads and fan mocking threads and include some very nasty language and scary behavior.

Instead of voting for the "worst" these days, they pick a contestant who is in the middle ground so when they get voted thru they can claim a VFTW victory! In actuality, barely anyone reads the site anymore except longtime losers who have been around or are related to the owner, as it is a hostile, unwelcoming, and generally depressive environment. The writing is also amateur at best, the radio show is boring and self serving.
"Hey Sally, did you call in for the pick from VFTW last night?"

No, I have a life.
by VFTWsucks March 28, 2010
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