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Person who obessess over a series (TV,book, movie ect) and acts annoyingly like its the best thing ever made. Most fantards for movies never read the book and 99% of fantards are motivated by blind loyalty or a sad need to be popular or accepted. Fantards are also known to be really rude to people who go against there precious fandom and don't practise literary or any type of preference tolerence.

Fantatds are what made real fans look bad.
This twilight fantard yells at me because I don't like the damn book.

How to spot a fantard:
~blind loyaly, show in an annoying and rude demenior, to any series; especially popular ones

~being rude and immature to people against people who don't like there fandom

~only fantarding a fandom while its popular

~if its a book gone movie: having no knowlage of scenes or people left out by movie producers
by godDAMNtwilightFANTARDS December 13, 2008
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