Cut a hole in your fanny pack, then stroke your cock or pet the kitty
Devin: Did you see Raquel fanny-packing?
Robert: Ya, I think I saw some of her pubes.
by Molester-investigator December 14, 2019
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A pouch or other device used to hold items usually worn around the waist. Most often used as an alternative to a man-purse.
Frank keeps his lube and lipstick in his fanny pack.
by ??? September 27, 2003
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A bag worn around the waist by people who think it is still 1990.
Hey, your mom called and she wants wants her fanny pack back.
by pie is cool May 18, 2010
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A purse tied around the waist with a buckle.
Wearing the fanny pack is socail suicide
by tippcitian July 2, 2004
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A gross invention of the 1970's in which one would store essential items like:

hand lotion, credit cards, make up, tampons, sunglasses, band-aids, keys, moist towelettes, a watch, mini-binoculars, polaroid instant film, hard candy, a compact, and, maybe, a rattle for your baby.

The items would be stored in a pouch that attached to the hips by long interlocking straps, or, in the most horrid circumstance, Velcro.

Tiffany: "Girl, can you hold my condoms in that fanny pack until after the roller coaster?"
Sandy: "The strap on my fanny pack broke and all my heroin fell out in front of Pastor Thomas."
by Mejosh March 22, 2009
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"a pack used to hold items below the waist, can be confused with saggy boobs"
by a word for the wise January 10, 2012
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A group of girls. They usually go around looking for handsome guys to date and bang. They usually reside in the forms of cheerleaders, but they are not limited to cheerleaders. The opposite of a fanny pack is a cock flock.
See: Female Gangbang
Male Slut
by WhoDatFreshBoi April 1, 2017
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