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A disease that's contracted when one is near a large crowd of FanGirls (but said person has a higher chance of getting the disease is the FanGirls are fangirling) symptoms include: hearing loss, headaches, confusion, and sometimes becoming a FanGirl yourself. You can also fight the disease by running away or befriending a FanGirl so that you become used to seeing and being exposed to this sort of thing (however, this doesn't work for everyone)
*nearby crowd of fangirls approaches, letting out blood piercing screams*
*Joe starts to run*
Alex: Joe! Where are you going!?!
Joe: I don't want to get fangirlitis!
*Alex soon realized, that her friend isn't infected with fangirlitis and chases after him like a blood thirsty hound*
by assaholic bitch July 03, 2016
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(noun) ; a sickness contracted after being in a large area/stadium/arena full of Fangirls. Not fatal but extremely sucky. Symptoms include; sore throats, soreness of legs, headaches and drowsiness.
Dude, after that concert I got fangirlitis! My throat hurts and everything.
by randomfangirl September 15, 2014
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